Vrielink Transfers Import/Export

Full-Color PU ( SHDQ-PU )

Full-Color (SHDQ) transfers are suitable for dark and light apparel. SHDQ is a new type of textile transfer whereby we combine digital and screen printing that gives a full-color heattransfers which is unmatched compared to other full-color techniques and with the flexibility and durability of traditional screen printing methods.

Our SHDQ PU transfers can also be used for synthetic textilesUse of  very fine details is possible. With very nice and sharp lines.


  • Any shape and size
  • High resolution graphics ( 1200 dpi )
  • Universal application ( cotton / synthetic )
  • Very fine line work
  • Good stretch
  • Almost unlimited color options
  • Easy to apply with heat-press


  • Poloshirts
  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Baseball caps
  • Swimsuits
  • Safety vests and -jackets
  • Sportsbags
  • Umbrella`s
  • And much more ...


Usually only suitable for light fabrics.


Suitable for light and dark fabrics.

Spot-Color PU

Suitable for light and dark fabrics.

Full-Color ( SHDQ )

Suitable for light and dark fabrics.

iron on applications

Suitable for light and dark fabrics.